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Photosynthesis an endergonic

Photosynthesis an endergonic france dissertations

Another way to phrase this is that energy is absorbed from the surroundings into the workable system. What are 3 coenzyme shuttle molecules? Full Answer Photosynthesis is a process in which plants form carbohydrates from water, minerals and carbon dioxide found in the air or bicarbonate from water.

Both of these compounds fuel work at the cellular level. How do lily pads grow? Need some help from a biologist.? Beings that make their own food; self-sufficient. First law thermodynamics states that energy can. Email Address Sign up There was endegronic error. What happens during the electron transport chain and chemiosmosis stage?

In chemical thermodynamics, an endergonic reaction is a chemical reaction in which the An endergonic reaction (such as photosynthesis) is a reaction that requires energy to be driven. Endergonic (from the prefix endo-, derived from the. photosynthesis is an endergonic reaction because it starts off with low-energy reactants (carbon dioxide and water) which are turned into glucose or high-energy. Photosynthesis is classified as an endergonic process. This means that it uses energy to obtain energy, and by doing so, organic compounds are anaerobically.

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