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Is light a reactant of photosynthesis

Is light a reactant of photosynthesis dissertation science et litterature

Why is there a need to go on with Light-Independent reactions?

In chemical terms, photosynthesis is a light-energized oxidation—reduction process. This assimilation of inorganic carbon into q compounds is called carbon fixation. Sulfur bacteria use hydrogen sulfide H 2 S as a source of hydrogen atoms and produce sulfur instead of oxygen during photosynthesis. A green pigment that absorbs solar energy and it is important in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are complementary resctant. Write the overall equation for photosynthesis. Water is the first required reactant.

Energy-capturing portion of photosynthesis that takes place in thylakoid membranes of What are the reactants and products of Light Dependent Reactions?? Photosynthetic organisms use light energy from the sun to transform two reactants, carbon dioxide and water, into sugar and oxygen gas. It's because the light isn't "used" in the reaction. It provides the energy needed, but it is not changed by the reaction. For instance you have CO2.

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