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Microwave in organic synthesis

Microwave in organic synthesis enzyme catalyzed synthesis of polyesters

Microwave-assisted synthesis is quicker, high yielding, environment friendly and shows cleaner chemistry.

This is very useful for combinatorial synthesis of new libraries of compounds. It was found that there is improvement in percentage yields of benzotriazole derivatives and also drastic reduction in total reaction time. The oscillations produced by the radiation in these target molecules would be instantaneously transferred by collisions with the adjacent molecules, reaching at the same moment the thermal equilibrium. Synthesis was carried out using modified reported procedures for conventional synthesis[ 1314151617 ] and reactions were modified to improve the yield and purity of products. For all 5-substituted benzotriazole derivatives aromatic protons H b and Microwave c organic synthesis benzotriazole ring showed doublet due to ortho coupling with each other Hz. This article has been cited by other articles orgamic PMC.

1. Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis: Introduction. Synthesis of new chemical entities is major bottleneck in drug discovery. Conventional methods for. A green chemistry approach for organic synthesis is described here, which involves microwave exposure of reactants in presence or absence of solvents.‎Abstract · ‎MATERIALS AND METHODS · ‎RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. The third edition of the bestselling two-volume reference covers everything you need to know about microwave technology for synthesis.

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