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Purpose of accessory pigments in photosynthesis

Purpose of accessory pigments in photosynthesis ppt on research paper presentation

The role of the accessory pigments such as the phycobilins in photosynthesis is to? How do plants grow? How Does Seaweed Conduct Photosynthesis?

Image modified from " Bis2A The thylakoids are arranged in stacks i What part of a flower attracts insects? A pigment is a molecule that absorbs certain energy, or wavelengths, of light and reflects all others. What roles do accessory pigments chlorophyll b and carotenoids have in photosynthesis?

Role of Accessory Pigments: Accessory pigments help plants absorb additional light. Plants need to make these accessory pigments to maximize the amount of. What Four Accessory Pigments Are Necessary for Photosynthesis to Be Carried Out? In order for photosynthesis to occur, chlorophyll, a major pigment, and four accessory What Is the Role of Pigments in Photosynthesis? Accessory pigments are pigments in plant leaves other than chlorophyll a that assist in the process of photosynthesis. Accessory pigments function by extending.

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