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Economics of ribosome biosynthesis

Economics of ribosome biosynthesis synthesis of p-nitrophenol from nitrobenzene

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Control of nutrient-sensitive transcription programs by the unconventional prefoldin URI. Open to the public ; Accept and close More info. Rapamycin induces the G0 program of transcriptional repression in yeast by interfering with the TOR signaling pathway. Coordinate regulation of the approximately rRNA economics of ribosome biosynthesis and RP genes that make such prodigious use of resources is essential for the economy of the cell. These results underscore the central role of mTOR in cell proliferation and imply that common mechanisms control cellular growth in both the proliferative and differentiated state. See all 26 matches for Research.

1Woolford, J.L. Jr. and Warner, J.R.. in: J.R. Broach, J.R. Pringle, E.W. Jones (Eds.) The Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Yeast Saccharomyces: Genome. transcription, RNA polymerase, mTOR, ribosome biogenesis, ribi regulon. Top of page .. (). The economics of ribosome biosynthesis in yeast. Trends. Cite this. Title. The economics of ribosome biosynthesis in yeast. Appears In. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, v, no, Nov, p(4) (ISSN: ).

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