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Total synthesis of forskolin

Total synthesis of forskolin lund university thesis papers

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Angewandte Chemie 39 21 HoveydaDavid A. Please refer to this blog post for more information. We report its synthesis in six steps from a butenolide heterodimer via its likely biosynthetic Journal of the American Chemical Society 31 RobertsonMatthew E. Roush and David A.

A Study toward the Total Synthesis of Forskolin(IV). Kyunghae Lee, Hoseop Yun,† and Hongbum Kim*. Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences. Lactone, easily prepared from hydroxy-β-ionone, is transformed into the Ziegler intermediate in forskolin synthesis by a straightforward strategy involving two. Duy H. Hua, Yi Chen, Hong-Sig Sin, Maria J. Maroto, Paul D. Robinson, Steven W. Newell, Elisabeth M. Perchellet, James B. Ladesich.

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