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Chris pearson thesis gpl

Chris pearson thesis gpl port security research paper

I hate modern corporations, just bully boys out of, and out to, control! And while I stopped using Thesis 2 and understand that Chris is vocal about criticizing things… he is still a creative genius, nothing that you can ever be because your substitute for innovation is license. I as a user, is ok with that.

What is a Child Theme in Wordpress? It is Matts employees that govern and guide the direction of WordPress with Matt having the final say. One thing was clear: Obviously, it seems better for all parties involved if there is just a natural flow and no gnashing of teeth. But what this shows is that he is petty and vindictive. If it is true that Automattic purchased thesis.

Chris Pearson is the creator of the Thesis Theme for WordPress, a premium WordPress is built on the license of a GPL that has enabled. We now know when Matt Mullenweg discovered Chris Pearson changed Thesis' license from split GPL to a proprietary one. On April 1st Posting on the DIY Themes forum Chris Pearson pledged to continue to build and develop Thesis win or lose a possible GPL licence breach case.

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